Custom Laser Cutting

World class laser cut bridge solutions for any layout.

As passionate builders we were always frustrated by the difficulty of finding a steady supply of quality products. So, as engineers, we decided to make our own.

Rather than a disjointed set of parts, we designed our elevated track and bridge system based on a big picture view of what's needed to put an entire layout together. With our state-of-the-art laser cutter and CAD tools we can create almost any structure you’re looking for including, engine and round houses, trestles, bridges and girders, high-rise buildings and more. All proudly manufactured in our own shops in the USA.

Plate girders and truss bridges.

Our plate girder and warren truss bridges are available in 1 and 2 track versions. Plate girder bridges are available from 18" to 36" in 3" increments. Warren truss bridges are made from 24" to 96" in 6" increments. The Steubenville style bridge is available in 6’, 7’ and 8’ lengths. Track center-to-center spacing on the bridges is 4 5/8". Custom lengths and other styles can be made to order upon request.

Curved Chord Warren Truss
Truss Under Bridge
Truss Under, Bridge T Pier and Deck Bridge

All sections bolt together with #6 bolts and are designed to enable deck, turnouts and other bridges to interconnect without any adapters. We recommend a #6x32 black allen head screws for the best performance and appearance. Wire feed through holes and an opening for conduit to feed wire down the pier supports are incorporated in the products.

Bridges over 3’ in length integrate aluminum reinforcement to provide added strength to the already strong functional truss and box beam bridge structure. We have had as many as four full size Big Boy locomotives and tenders parked on the 8’ bridges with no measurable deflection. While this is not a typical situation, it serves to demonstrate the inherent strength of the bridges. Rivet detail is laser cut into each bridge to simulate actual rivets and joining plates.

Deck and elevated subway bridges

Deck Bridges

Our deck (or elevated subway line) bridges are available in a range of shapes, lengths and diameters

Straight sections are available from 3” up to 30” lengths in 3” increments. Curved sections are available in a variety of diameters from 031” to 128”, and are dimensioned to match Ross sectional track sizes. In other words, one deck bridge is used for every section of Ross curved sectional track used.

Deck bridge sections are designed to bolt together with standard #6 bolts, nuts and washers. We prefer blacked hardware for a better visual effect. Deck bridges have the same bolt pattern as our truss and girder bridges and, therefore, are compatible with complex track plans utilizing multiple overhead bridges.Multiple parallel tracks can be connected with track spacers. We typically use 4 5/8" spacers for parallel straight tracks and 6" for curves. These are provided with your order at no charge upon request.

See the list below for available straight and curved sections.

3” 18” 031 088
6” 21” 042 092
9” 24” 054 096
12” 27” 064 104
15” 30” 072 112
080 120
084 128

Other straight lengths in 1/8” increments and curved diameters are available upon request.

Concealed motors keep the look clean

Deck turnout structures for all Ross switches are available. A design feature enables installation of a stall motor inside the deck without any part extending beyond the structure. This avoids the necessity of mounting motors on the switch and then trying to figure out how to hide them. Plus, Provisions for running wire internal to the deck bridges have been designed in to assist you in powering elevated track and signals.

Track piers are available in a variety of different styles.

The standard single-track styles are the Erie, Reading and the Lackawanna. Standard heights are 7” and 15 ¼”. The logic behind these heights is that 7” provides sufficient clearance for the tallest train (typically double stacks). Thus a 7” pier provides clearance for a second level. For a third level, you need to clear two 7” trains plus the height of a deck bridge, 1 ¼”, for a total of 15 ¼”. Other heights are available upon request in 1/8” increments. Parallel tracks piers are available in inverted “U” and “T” shapes in standard heights of 7” and 15 ¼” heights. As with single-track piers, double-track piers are available in custom heights upon request.

Deck T Pier
Deck U Pier
Bridge T Pier
Bridge U Pier

Let us help you find what you need.

Just give us a call or send an email with a description of your interests. We're sure we can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.



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